How to Repair your Aerial cable YouTube video

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With energy prices due to rise soon you may want to think about how energy efficient your electrical appliances are when you come to replace them.

Energy Labels change..

Energy ratings explained on domestic appliances

Pancake day recipe

Pancake day is just around the corner so here are three different pancake recipes to impress friends and family.
Warm up on a wet and windy winters day with this Sweet Potato Soup with Cumin Fried Chickpeas.
Easy guide on how to clean your washing machine
A short blog about tips and tricks to get the best experience from Black Friday.
We all rely on our vacuum cleaner to tackle dust in our homes. But, if dirt builds up in the machine, it can lose suction power, making it less efficient. By carrying out a few simple checks, you can extend your vacuum’s lifespan and save some money.
Cleaning the oven is a job that many of us put off – scrubbing and chipping away at burned-on grease and food. But, while cleaning the oven may take a little planning and preparation, it doesn’t need to be hard work.