Black Friday Survival Tips

We’ve all heard horror stories about Black Friday, with shoppers going bargain mad once a year. With so many people after the same deals, we know it’s easy to get frustrated – whether you’re browsing online or in-store.

Looking for ways to come out on top? Then take a look at our Black Friday survival guide! Our team have put together their very own tips and tricks for Black Friday shopping, where being prepared is key. Read on to find out more.

Our Black Friday Survival Guide

To get the top deals, our best advice is to prepare so you know exactly what to look for on the day. If things go to plan, you’ll get just what you want at a bargain price.

Escape the madness in a flash with our preparation advice, and conquer the crowds on the day.

Ready, Set…

1. Want or Need? Plan Your Budget 


First things first, plan what you need to buy. Set aside spending money and priority buys for Black Friday, so you know when to stop. It’s not worth missing out on a dishwasher worth hundreds of pounds for the sake of a discounted plate set!

Although it sounds obvious, shoppers can get carried away.  By planning your budget and list of items, you’ll have the motivation to focus only on the important deals that drop in your inbox. Remember: a bargain isn’t a bargain if it doesn’t meet your exact requirements.

Rob is a keen in-store shopper, and has a top spending tip:

My top tip for in-store shopping is to withdraw your maximum budget in cash so you can’t overspend. Keep it safe not in a loose bag or pocket but using credit cards can definitely tempt you into buying more than you should”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 2. Measure Up

If you’re looking for electricals and appliances, you’ll find some of the best discounts on Black Friday. However, the number of brands and models can make it all a bit confusing. It’s worth considering specifications beforehand so that you’ll know which product is best for you.

We also recommend measuring spaces to make sure the item will fit. A new Smart TV won’t look so smart if it’s crammed into the only space your room allows.

3. Do Your Research & Save for Later

A couple window shopping

Check out our Black Friday page, we suggest making use of our wishlist (heart symbol) on our site to save the product you like the look of, it will then make checking out quicker when you are ready.

You can also track our social media profiles for updates (e.g. searching #blackfriday), and join our 'Friends of Hylands' mailing list for when we post. Or, your friends and family may have insights on deals that they’ve seen advertised. It’s worth discussing the event with them to see if they have any useful advice.

4. Prepare For Christmas

A couple shopping online

Prepare for Christmas early and avoid the festive stress. Think about gifts now and save yourself time and money for upcoming months.

Why not introduce the tech lover in your life to a futuristic home cinema system? Or, make life easier for the family cook with a brand new oven or microwave. Don’t forget portable speakers for your much-loved music fanatics!

You’ll find something for almost anyone with many retailers taking part in Black Friday. With wrapping paper and ribbons at the ready, there’s no better reason to shop while the prices drop.

And, why not make yourself a Black Friday playlist? Choose some calm, relaxing tracks to stop you burning out too quickly. You could even choose some festive tracks to get yourself into the Christmas spirit!

5. Get Ready to Go

If you know where you’re going to shop, register an account and sign in before the event. Also, add your payment details so you can speed through the checkout – creating an account takes time, and websites may load slowly with demand.

…Go! (And Get A Bargain)

Woman with shopping bags

6. Start Early

The early bird catches the worm, just like the early shopper catches the best deal! 

But bif your leaving it to the day with Black Friday becoming more and more popular in the UK, prepare for traffic and set off a few minutes early. Perhaps even pack a few snacks and some water too. Taking regular refreshment breaks will help keep that stress at bay.

If you are buying more than one item from a website, it may be worth buying the best deals quickly before they sell out. Black Friday isn’t the time to browse – get in there at lightning speed!

7. Shop Online

Online shopping

As long as you have an internet-connected device on your bedside, you don’t even need to get up! Mobiles are a popular choice

However you need to be security conscious:

“You need to know and trust where you’re shopping. If you are shopping online and something looks too good to be true, it could well be. Protect your personal information by making sure you stay on trusted websites that use safety certificates including a lock symbol and green highlighting in the address bar.” 

8. Smarten Up

If you’ve planned ahead and know what you want, stick to your plan! Get what you need first and only be tempted to look for luxuries afterwards.

You might spot the perfect television for your brand spanking new pad and add it to your basket. But wait…you find a heavily reduced HD recorder too! You add the HD recorder after reading about it and…oh. The television sold out. You then remove the HD recorder as you need a TV to use it.

Don’t let this happen to you! It might be worth creating a checklist of things you need in order of priority so that you can navigate the store efficiently.

Worried about what your partner or family might think of your shopping habits? Be armed with excuses! Just focus on how much money you’re saving, and this will be your final shop…until next year that is.

9. Be Patient

Busy shopping centre

You should expect large queues in-store and high website traffic online, which can slow you down. Don’t cope well? Embrace the true Brit inside and don’t let anyone fault your queuing etiquette. Use that playlist we talked about earlier, escape into your headphones, focus on your breathing, and just concentrate on all those amazing deals!

Make sure you stretch regularly if you’re standing for a while, and you could even spark some interesting conversation with your queuing neighbours.

Preparation is essential, but some deals are worth waiting for – so try to stick it out! Dedication is the key to success, as they say.


10.  No Time? No Worries  

Cyber Monday

If you miss out on Black Friday, you’re not to panic! Cyber Monday means you can get the best deals from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

As deals are on all day, you’ll still have a chance to get in on the event if you’re working 9 to 5. Even better – items can be delivered to your door, so you can sit back and relax.

Feeling inspired by the tips above? Then why not join in with our Black Friday event? 

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