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With energy prices set to shoot up soon, one thing that may spring to mind is your home appliances and how much it costs to run these things..
Well if you are looking to replace a home appliance here are a list of items that can help your pocket as they are more energy efficient.



Bosch SMS6ZDW48G Dishwasher

Dishwashers are great for reducing water consumption in your household as they are up to 4x more efficient than hand washing. This Bosch model has EcoSilence Drive which is a Energy-Saving brushless motor that reduces friction noise.



Hoover HWB510AMC Washing Machine

A common misconception we hear all the time is people want to save energy so use a quick wash as is not on as long but this isn't correct actually most machines have an ECO cycle which can be up to 3.5 hours long but will use a lot less energy.


Bosch KGN33NWEAG Fridge Freezer

There is one appliance in your kitchen that is on 24/7 365 days a year and that is your fridge/freezer so why not choose one that is extra energy efficient? Some like this Bosch one even have 'Holiday Mode' to help reduce energy consumption while you are away.


AEG T7DBK841N Heat Pump tumble dryer

There 3 types of tumble dryer Vented, Condenser or Heat pump.
Heat pump tumble dryers are the most efficient type as they reuse the heat output and recycle it into the drum. On average they use half the energy as other tumble dryers.

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