Panasonic NNDF386BBPQ Black Combi Microwave Oven with Grill

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  • 23 LITRE
  • 1000 Watt Microwave
  • FLATBED Interior
  • upto 220degree oven
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Exterior Dimensions [mm]  Width  483.0   Height  310.0... more
Product information "Panasonic NNDF386BBPQ Black Combi Microwave Oven with Grill"
Exterior Dimensions [mm] 
Width  483.0  
Height  310.0  
Depth  396.0  

3 in1 Combination Microwave oven with Grill

Inverter Technology

Delicious and Healthy Meals

Energy Conservation

Space Saving

Flatbed Technology gives 30% more useable cooking space large enough to take family size casserole dish of 23 x 35cm, perfect for cooking a Sunday roast. A built in sensor allows for a variety of food to be cooked without having to enter the cooking time, weight or the power level. This microwave oven takes the guesswork out of cooking.

Energy is controlled continuously and accurately. Meals can be thawed or cooked faster and more gently. Effective energy conversion and a lower standby consumption saves on electricity costs. Considerably larger cooking area thanks to the compact inverter technology.

Panasonic microwaves with inverter technology care for the valuable ingredients of your food. Meals can be thawed more uniformly and about 30% faster compared to conventional microwaves. As a result, uncooked spots or frozen patches in the middle of the food are a thing of the past. While cooking, dishes are not only prepared faster but also more gently; flavour, nutrients and vitamins are better retained resulting in delicious and nutritious cuisine.

Energy savings of 10% are achieved during operation because of the considerably more effective conversion of electric energy to microwave energy.

Same size on the outside, more room on the inside. Thanks to the space saving inverter technology, the cooking area can be expanded 20%, so 23 litres becomes 27 litres in capacity. This allows for larger dishes to be used, up to 340mm in diameter.

Color  Black  
General Information 
Inverter Power Supply System  yes  
Oven Capacity  23L  
Turntable Size  Flat  
Color  Black  
Interior Dimensions [mm] 
Width  299.0  
Height  199.0  
Depth  350.0  
Approximate Net Weight [kg]  13.5  
Approximate Gross Weight [kg]  16.0  
Microwave Features 
Power Levels  6.0  
Auto Programs  16  
Auto Sensor  yes  
Auto Weight Chaos Defrost  yes  
Chaos/Turbo Defrost  Yes  
Grill Features 
Grill Power  Quartz 1000W  
Auto Guide  yes  
Sensor Type  yes  
Child Lock  yes  
Multi-Stage Memory  Yes  
Control Panel  Dial / Touch
Cooking method: Microwave + Grill
Capacity: 22 - 26 ltr
Colour: Black
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