Panasonic RPHV094E inner ear phones

Panasonic RPHV094E inner ear phones

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  • PAN-RPHV094E
   Black Drive Unit (diam. in mm) 14.8  ... more
Product information "Panasonic RPHV094E inner ear phones"


Drive Unit (diam. in mm) 14.8  

Impedance (Ohm) / 1KHz 17.0  

Sensitivity (dB/mW ) 104.0  

Max Input (mW) 40.0  

Frequency Response (Hz - KHz) 20-20kHz  

Cord Length (m) 1.2  

Weight (g) without cord 6.0  

MiniPlug (diam. 3.5mm) yes  

Plug Type Nickel  

Magnet Type Neodymium  


Type: Inner ear
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