Delivery area & guide to costs / speed

Is delivery free? How quick will delivery be? How far do you deliver? and other important delivery questions all answered….

Is it free and how far will you deliver?

We don’t like couriers as things can get damaged, customer signed ‘Received in good condition’ and the arguments start so we tend to deliver using our own fleet of vans as set out below & also where we can call back if needs be to help you (We also offer a range of installation services)

Within 25 miles of our warehouse in Stoke-on-Trent most orders over £299 will be delivered free of charge. Below £299 it depends on the order value & how far away you live, the best way to check is add to basket and enter your details the website will then show any delivery charge for you, if a charge is applicable, you may be able to avoid it by adding extra items to the basket (We carry a range of small appliances that make good gifts)  

25 to 40 miles - a charge may apply reducing with total order value to nothing if the order is big enough, again the best way to check is to add to basket, enter your details and let the website work out any charge for you, adding extra items may decrease the charge as you hit price bands but if your only option is Click n Collect then you are beyond our 40 mile service area (or a new postcode not yet recognised)

Over 40 miles as the crow flies, you would have to phone us but generally it’s not worth it - our delivery charge for an employed person & van on a round trip would be too much especially if your order is sub £1000 it would be cheaper if you have access to transport for you to collect - see our Click n Collect page for more details (including some local attractions if you wanted to make a day out of a trip to visit us)

How soon will I get my order?

Normally goods ordered that are in stock can be delivered the same day or the next working day, however this cannot be guaranteed as it is dependent on how busy we are and how far from us you live. Once you have placed your order we will contact you and arrange a mutually convenient day with an AM or PM slot. If your order is urgent, such as a Fridge Freezer where your old one has broken down, please mention this and we will try to get to you sooner.

Can I have goods delivered to my workplace or to a different address?

Yes, just select a different billing address at checkout. On occasion we may request that you pay by BACS bank transfer instead as some card and paypal payments we can only deliver to the address the card is registered to.

Can I choose what day to take my delivery?

Yes, our delivery team operate 6 days. When we make contact with you to book your delivery we will book a mutually convenient day with an AM or PM timeslot. 

Can you give me a time for delivery?

We book all deliveries with AM (9am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 5.30pm) time slot.  Once all the jobs for the day are booked we will plan a route.  We do not give times as these can be impossible to predict due to traffic and the time spent on jobs prior can vary, we will however try to avoid times for you if you make this clear ie If you state 'Please avoid 3pm to 4pm; collecting children from school'

Can you give me a phone call when you are on the way?

Yes, however please try to give us a landline as well as a mobile and be sure to listen out for the call as if we cannot get hold of you on the day do we still come in the hope you are home or do we skip your delivery so we don’t let other customers down wasting time if you aren’t home yet, we may not be able to rearrange our route and the delivery may have to be changed to another day.

Can you dispose of my old goods?

Yes, however a charge will apply for collection.  If you are booking a drop off delivery please have your old goods disconnected and by the door or outside for kitchen appliances. If you are having us install your new goods then we will disconnect your old appliance for you as part of our service.

Help us to help you - important things to consider about our delivery …..    

Please don't leave a key for us to enter your home unaccompanied; however you could ask a neighbour to escort us into your home and supervise our visit. We will not enter a property where a child or minor has been left home alone.

When inviting our staff into your property please also consider:

Delivering bulky product can be awkward, please clear our access route to your door and through your property. (Move vehicles / furniture / ornaments etc)

For health and safety reasons our drivers wear safety boots with good grips, these can pick up grit and dirt that may be walked into homes, if you have concerns for floor coverings please lay dust sheets. 

Whilst we undertake to take all reasonable care, at times when manoeuvring we may drag, slide or push product. Polished surfaces, carpet or hard floors may mark, cushion flooring can sometimes lift / tear. Again please aid us by laying down sheets to protect vulnerable surfaces prior to our arrival.

If you have opted for our installation service, this is for connection to your existing, adjacent supply in apparent good order and fitting of facia panels for integrated appliances. Any more involved carpentry, gas, electrical or plumbing work will incur additional charges.

NB. It may also be necessary to turn off your water/electricity supply when installing kitchen appliances, please check that your stop tap works, turn off computers etc which may be affected by a power cut, and be prepared.

Plumbing can be disturbed by disconnecting / re-connecting product, we recommend you check after we have finished for leaks. Minor leaks may not be noticeable straight away so please check again at regular intervals and let us know immediately should a leak start. 

Please help us and carry out any preparation before we arrive, if you are able and it is safe to do so, please also disconnect and remove old product, it would be appreciated if you would provide a smoke free environment for the duration of our visit to your home. 

We hope the above information is of use to you - If you have any other questions please ask