Whirlpool AMW848IXL Built in Microwave Oven AMW848/IXL

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  • Microwave + Grill + Fan & Steam function
  • Size: 595 x 455 x 560 mm
  Flagship model of the Whirlpool range, with an exceptional pool of features designed to... more
Product information "Whirlpool AMW848IXL Built in Microwave Oven AMW848/IXL"

Flagship model of the Whirlpool range, with an exceptional pool of features designed to save time whilst promoting fantastic taste, the Whirlpool Fusion Built-In Microwave is true royalty of the microwaving field. Bringing together an impressive 40L capacity with seven power settings and a 1600w integrated grill, access this model’s stunning features via the touch panel and enjoy a versatile approach to cooking including pre-set recipes for your ease. 3D Wave Technology takes a multi-directional approach to heating your food for even, tasty cooking always. Directing 70% of the heat from the bottom and 30% from the top, the crisp plate heats quickly to cook your dish whilst the grill browns the top perfectly. Including Whirlpool’s innovative 6TH SENSE Technology, intelligent sensors within the cavity monitor humidity and power levels, adapting the temperature to ensure the dish doesn’t risk under or over cooking. Featuring an integrated combi-oven with Forced Air Technology, the fan draws air from the front of the microwave to the back, providing a steady circular heat and for those who love pizza, pies and quiches - the Crisp function uses the dedicated crisp plate to ensure the crispiest bases and pastry you have ever tasted. If you love a healthier approach to cooking your favourite dishes, the steam accessory unleashes natural cooking power allowing you to steam cook potatoes, vegetables and salmon in as little as 12 minutes. Similarly the Rising Function will set you along to perfectly formed cakes help to round off every meal or afternoon tea. Complementing its cooking functions, JetDefrost provides a fast defrosting option which is seven times faster than conventional methods while safely preserving natural flavour and goodness. Easy to clean, the Fusion Built-In Microwave features iXelium – a nano tech based coating – keeping your oven protected from scratches and marks, plus restoring its original shine with a simple wipe of a cloth. Integrating seamlessly into your existing décor, the chic Italian design of the Whirlpool Fusion Built-In Microwave makes it as handsome as it is versatile in cooking all your favourite feasts.

Maximum micro-wave power (W) 900
Grill power (W) 1600
Additional cooking method - Fan cooking
Cavity height 210
Cavity width 450
Turntable diameter (mm) 360
Height of the product 455
Depth of the product 560
Width of the product 595
Niche depth 550
Maximum niche width 568
Minimum niche width 556
Maximum niche height 455
Minimum niche height 450
Cooking method: Microwave + Grill, MW + Grill + Oven
Size: Full size
Colour/finish see item for exact: Stainless Steel
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