Shop Local

Welcome to Hylands

We offer internet prices with a BIG difference.....   Local value AND Service

Established in 1938 we stock a wide range of products from the leading brands.

Members of Europe's largest electrical buying group we carry large warehouse stocks to offer the choice of a national store without losing the personal, traditional and efficient service you would expect from an independent family firm

For specialist advice backed up by FAST FREE* delivery Hylands really are 'your HOME team'

We also offer a comprehensive installation service for all that we sell, freestanding and built in appliances
this includes wall mounting of TVs and networking smart products

So why shop local?

Think it's more convenient to shop elsewhere?

We think its very important to at least consider local firms....

As a family firm we actively try to support other local firms for our own needs

this keeps money going around in the local economy, especially if these firms then in turn use other local firms for all their own needs as well
i.e. - where you get one large store doing the business of 100 local stores - this has a major knock on effect
Just one example would be the large store will use a firm of national accountants where 100 local stores would all have used local accountants
The local accountants would then in turn have their own day to day running needs for their businesses

And accountants are just one example, every firm has many needs to operate, large firms may appear to bring in many jobs,
in reality behind the scenes they often don't as far more jobs are then lost when smaller firms & those that supply them close

Remember if cash coming into an area - stays in that area, as more cash continues to come in, the area as a whole becomes better off
( There is more & more cash going around )

& what goes around - comes around - as they say
You may even see more of it yourself

However, when cash is spent with outside firms, even with branches in the area, this is taking money out of that economy
The more money that is taken out, the less cash that area has & poorer the area becomes,
especially when more is going out than coming in.
Its just the same with countries  (If you buy or import more than you sell or export)
or even with your own home finances (If you pay out more than you bring in, you have a problem building)

Outside firms are like tree's - sending roots into surrounding areas (or countries) to feed their own growth

Sorry to bore you, but we strongly believe the above to be true 

Some may say the big stores employ more people than we do
We employ enough people to handle the loyal customers we have
The more customers we have - the more people we will need to do that