Gorenje W95F64PIUK 9kg 1600 Spin Washer - 2 Year Warranty

Gorenje W95F64PIUK 9kg 1600 Spin Washer - 2 Year Warranty
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  • FREE 2 year maintenance cover - T&C's apply - Registration required
  • 850mm(H) x 600mm(W) x 600mm(D)
  • 9KG
  • 1600 spin
  • GOR-W95F64PIUK
SensoCare technology Perfection in washing SensoCare technology makes sure every type of... more
Product information "Gorenje W95F64PIUK 9kg 1600 Spin Washer - 2 Year Warranty"

SensoCare technology
Perfection in washing
SensoCare technology makes sure every type of fabric is washed in the best possible way. It always delivers the optimum combination of temperature and amount of water, time, and spinning speed. If, however, your clothes need a very special care, the cotton and synthetic fibre programmes can be tweaked with extra modes and functions. NormalCare selects the optimum combination of all four parameters for each load of laundry; TimeCare reduces the washing time; AllergyCare uses more water and extra rinse cycles; and EcoCare is the most energy-efficient washing mode.

Inverter PowerDrive
Remarkable power, high efficiency
The powerful motor is brushless, which eliminates mechanical tension, friction, or wear. The results are better, power savings are higher, and the washing process is notably quieter. Moreover, appliance useful life is longer, too.

Superior washing results regardless of the amount of laundry
The sensor adjusts all washing parameters to the amount of laundry in the drum. This leads to optimum use of water and power, shorter wash, and considerably quieter operation. A full basket of laundry, no matter how large, will be clean and pleasantly smelling.

Total laundry care
The SensoCare washing machine drum is made from the best quality stainless steel with exceptionally smooth surface. Therefore, the laundry is thoroughly washed, rinsed, and spun without any damage.

9 kg XXL Load
More Or Less: Size Does Matter
New Gorenje washing machines with remarkable capacity of 9-kilograms are masters of efficiency and economy, yet with a gentle touch. Washing machine with the largest drum volume among the 9-kilogram models in the market is still within standard dimensions and will therefore fit any home. It can handle much more laundry at a time; in addition, laundry can be of different colours and fabrics. Larger door opening will allow you to easily load big items that you may not have been able to wash at home before. Advanced program options and other modern solutions will make sure the machine is an excellent choice also for washing smaller amounts of laundry. Therefore, the ever efficient use of water, energy and time will make Gorenje's new 9-kilogram washing machines an excellent choice for large and small households. Heavy duty, flexible, economical, and reliable!

SoftSound operation, user-friendly acoustic signals
In addition to exquisite design, Gorenje washing machines feature a pleasing sound. Beeps and high quality speakers make use of a washing machine even more enjoyable. Particular attention is given to programs and motion selector function buttons, detergent dispenser and the door.

The solution for pleasantly smelling laundry
This programme makes sure the washing machine interior stays perfectly clean and sterile, allowing a pleasant smell of the laundry. Washing with washing powder at lower temperatures may lead to ideal conditions for development of bacteria which in turn could cause a foul smell of your laundry. The SterilTub works with the drum empty and eliminates any bacteria from the machine interior.

QuickWet: intensive soaking system

Extremely fast laundry wetting and shorter programme duration. QuickWet intensive soaking system allows introducing water, combined with the detergent, into the drum simultaneously from the bottom and the top of the drum. Thus, the laundry is soaked sooner and washing programme is shorter which saves power.

Zero danger of flooding
The safety system automatically shuts off the water supply to the hose and the machine in case of a leak to prevent flooding. The pump automatically pumps out the remaining water from the drum into the discharge hose. Thus, the washing machine can be left to operate unsupervised, without any fear of flooding. High-end models feature a special sensor installed at the bottom of the washing machine. In case of a leak, the sensor will immediately cut off the supply of water into the appliance.

Safe and durable heater
The redesigned and improved heater includes an overheating protection system. This extends its useful life and makes washing machine operation safer.

The system prevents loss of detergent during water supply. This reduces the use of detergent by up to 20% and thus also reduces the impact on the environment.

Stability control system will make sure the load is distributed evenly in the drum. If the stability control sensor perceives an imbalance, drum rotation will be stopped to allow more even redistribution of the laundry.

Key Features

  • A+++(-10%) - 40% less energy than a 'A' class
  • 9kg Extra large capacity - Ideal for medium sized households
  • 1600rpm Spin Speed - Quicked spinning for a more efficient performance
  • Inverter PowerDrive Motor - Quieter washing using less energy, prolonging the life of the machine
  • TotalWeightControl - Adjusts the washing cycle for the amount of laundry in the drum for a perfect wash
  • 23 Programmes; Includes Wool / Hand Wash / Quick Wash / Sports / Night Wash
  • 2 Years Warranty - Guaranteed performance and quality
  • Dimensions: 850mm(H) x 600mm(W) x 600mm(D)
  • Child protection and stability control
Colour/finish see item for exact: White
Spin Speed: 1600 RPM
Load Kg: 9KG
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