Finance available

If you are ordering goods to the value of £200 or more you can spread the cost with buy now pay later or low rate finance deals deals available, no deposit required*

If you intend to pay the full cash amount back within 12 months the best option is buy now pay later where as long as you do pay it back the only fee is a £29 settlement fee, however if you go over you enter into a 4 year contract at a higher rate of interest.
Your other option is interest bearing but at a low rate of interest and you will start repaying the loan from month 1 straight away, you can choose to repay over 2 years, 3 years or 4 years
Advise which option you would prefer, buy now pay later or interest bearing (and over how long if so - 2 / 3 / 4 years?)
also how much you wish to borrow, you can pay a deposit direct to us to reduce the amount of the loan (please advise how much if so), this is optional you can borrow the full amount
We can email you a link to apply online, you don't have to proceed and if you wish to change your mind please just ask for a new link to be sent and the term you would like to see next as an alternative, email links remain active for about 10 days so you can go back to your first choice again if you prefer. Email us now 
- or -
You can apply in store - with our help

Another option..... If you live within 15 miles is to lease your new goods on a rental contract with us, enabling you to update your tech every couple of years and giving you the peace of mind leasing brings with no repair or maintenance worries. Rental contracts can only be applied for instore

*Credit & Rental deals are available subject to status, terms and conditions apply, for finance Hylands are a broker not the lender, finance is provided by Hitachi finance - if you would like to know the current APR rates or have any other questions please ask us for details or see